History of the Feast #1

One of the most anticipated things leading up the Faire, is the Autumnal Feast. Like the Faire itself, it to is an annual event. It is held the weekend before the Faire, on the third Saturday of October. The Feast was begun in 1989 and was originally held in the fellowship hall of the First Presbyterian church in Florence on the corner of Tennessee & Wood Ave. Former Roundtable member Diana Tidwell headed up the kitchen, along with a riverboat chef, also a Roundtable member. They had help in the form of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms) from Huntsville, Decatur and Cullman and they also provided entertainment for the feast.
They also provided the Monarchy, until 1991, when we decided that we wanted to try our hand at selecting the Monarch. It is during this event that we choose the monarch for the year to come. The method used then, hiding a coin inside of a piece of cake or other form of desert. is still utilized today. We chose this method, because it was discovered that there is at least one time in history when it was actually known to have been done. A Venetian Dodge was chosen in this fashion as it was assumed that whoever found the coin, God must have wanted them to find it.
In these early years Diana and her volunteers (Roundtable & SCA) would cook a variety of recipes from a book named “Fabulous Feasts”, along with 20th century fare. Also, we did not offer much of the pomp & circumstance, ceremony, etc, that a true feast of the era would have. And there came a time when we wanted to expand our palate and see if we could find someone to us do just that. Enter the SCA again, this time a local chapter started by someone attending UNA. They volunteered to head up the kitchen, and did so until their chapter president left the area when he graduated college. We then tried our hand at some local catering companies such as Outpost 72. graduated college. We then tried our hand at some local catering companies such as Outpost 72. During the college SCA time frame, the decision was made to move the feast from the Presbyterian fellowship hall to our current location at the coliseum, which would have been around 1996. There was considerably more room, and we increased the number of ticket sales from 200 to 250. And we have been there since!

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