Roundtable Minutes 7/19/2012

Minutes of Meeting, 7-19-12

Those present: Sue Bevis, Lisa Enlow, Mark Newton, Kathy McAdams, Rick McAdams, Debbie Martin, Carol Burhans, Ann Iaria, David Mitchell, William Freeman, Rebecca Linam, Amber Anglin, John Givens, Jacob Ross Maples, Mary Nicely, Perri Scott, Lee Freeman, Tara Davis, Debbie McCullough, Will McCullough, Donna Miles, A. J. Mashburn, Billy Warren

1. William Freeman announced that Rebecca Linam is under consideration as a participant in a national study of a very promising drug for cystic fibrosis. There was enthusiastic applause for our good friend, Rebecca!

2. Sue Bevis reported that Fannie Williams, the mother of Bonnie Dubose, passed away in recent days. Billy Warren stated that the Roundtable will place the book, Fair Wind to Widdershins by Allan Jones and Gary Chalk, in the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library in her memory.

3. William Freeman and David Mitchell reported that Greg Hill’s upgrading of our website is moving forward. It will be previewed by the Board of Directors at its meeting next week.

Billy Warren noted that only Lee Freeman responded to the email regarding suggestions for the upgraded website. Lee suggested that:
• The monthly Medieval/Renaissance trivia which he creates for the Roundtable be posted; and
• Videos created by Roundtable members on topics such as Medieval/Renaissance weaponry, period dancing, feasting, etc. be posted.

Billy agreed to send another email to Roundtable members requesting suggestions for the upgraded website.

Suggestions from today’s meeting included:
• Menus from our annual Feast,
• Summaries of actions taken at meetings of the Board of Directors, and
• Minutes of Roundtable meetings over a two-year period.

4. Lee Freeman announced that Dr. Jeffrey Beebee has been secured as a lecturer for one of the Sunday afternoons in October.

Carol Burhans suggested that a demonstration (e.g., weaponry, dancing, etc.) might be scheduled on one or more of the Sundays in October instead of a lecture.

5. Billy Warren reminded everyone that the next First Friday event in downtown Florence is August 3. William Freeman asked that everyone attend in costume since it’s great fun and is wonderful publicity for the Feast and Faire.

6. Lee Freeman distributed and reviewed copies of a document (which he wrote) entitled “The Medieval Church, Science and the Scholastic Renaissance, Part III.” This document is another in a series written by Lee – at the suggestion of Rick McAdams – to help all Roundtable members be more conversant with details of the Medieval-Renaissance era.

7. Billy Warren reported that he emailed Lady Janet (Renaissance magazine) to inform her that the dates for our 2012 Faire are incorrectly stated in the current issue. (The dates posted are October 20-21 instead of October, 27-28.) She responded with an apology and a promise to correct the posting. She also stated that the photographs from our 2011 Faire are forthcoming.

8. Carol Burhans suggested that several copies of the complete set of Lee Freeman’s monthly articles on Medieval-Renaissance trivia be bound and offered for sale in the Information Booth at the Faire. All agreed that this is a good idea.

9. William Freeman reported that Chef Jim Matterer is feeling much better and is currently participating in a major SCA event. He is teaching two classes at the event. He is developing the menu for our 2012 Feast and will share it with us soon.

10. Donna Miles made this preliminary report on entertainment for the Feast. Here are the activities under consideration:
a. Step dance led by Rebecca Linam, followed by a Flash Dance by Roundtable members,
b. Music based on P.D. Q. Bach by Pat and Justin Register,
c. Skit by William Freeman,
d. Dance by diners led by William Freeman,
e. Bellydance by Rainbow Dancers, and
f. Presentation of peasant, knight, etc. to Royalty by Lee Freeman.

She stated that she hopes to have someone portraying a leper, others portraying Monty Python characters, etc.

Everyone agreed that this is a great line-up!

11. In a drawing, Will McCullough won a book entitled The Mirror of Merlin by T. A. Barron; Jacob Ross Maples won a book entitled Seven Songs of Merlin by T. A. Barron.

12. Mary Nicely distributed copies of a multi-page brochure listing all of the events of next week’s annual W. C. Handy Music Festival. She also encouraged everyone to view the Festival-related art work on display in Kennedy-Douglass Art Center. Admission is free.

13. Lee Freeman invited everyone to attend his lecture on local outlaw, Tom Clark, at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library on Sunday, July 22, at 2:00 p.m. Admission is free.

14. Mark Newton announced that he is working toward obtaining some comfortable matting for the floor of the Information Booth at the Faire. Hooray for Mark!

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