Roundtable Minutes 8/16/2012


Minutes of Meeting, 8-16-12

Those present: Jim Lake, Amber Anglin, William Freeman, David Fowler, David Mitchell, Carol Burhans, Debbie McCullough, Blair Murphy, Will McCullough, Donya Ligon, Missy Trnka, Lee Freeman, Darlene Freemon, Kathy McAdams, Rick McAdams, Ann Iaria, Suzie Shoemaker, Don Green, Donna Miles, Aubrey Gaskins, Lori Woolfolk, Karen Ugrovics, Billy Warren, Mark Newton, Christopher Crosslin and Cherri Fuller.

1. The Roundtable welcomed Donya Ligon and Suzie Shoemaker to their first meeting and encouraged them to return to every meeting since the Roundtable is a very inclusive organization.

2. William Freeman and David Mitchell reported that our new website created by Greg Hill is now online. There was general agreement among Roundtable members present at today’s meeting that the new site is both attractive and informative. So, words of thanks were extended to William, David and Greg for their work!

3. Lee Freeman reported that Dr. George Makowski from the History Department at UNA will be the lecturer at the public library on Sunday, October 7. Darlene Freemon suggested that, in a future year, the Sunday afternoon sessions be workshops instead of lectures. For example, the costume-making workshop on the first Saturday in October might be followed the next day by a workshop on how to embellish the simple costume that was made the day before. All agreed that this is an excellent idea.

4. David Mitchell stated that the Roundtable will not perform at First Friday on September 7 because the featured event will be a welcome-back to UNA students. But the Roundtable will return to First Friday in full force on October 5. It is hoped that the entire Roundtable will appear in full costume on that day to promote the upcoming Feast and Faire! Darlene Freemon suggested that the dances led by William Freeman take place at the same location as the belly dancing when the belly dancers are taking a break. Of course, this would be subject to Noelle Smith’s approval.

5. Billy Warren reminded everyone that, with the conclusion of the W. C. Handy Music Festival in recent days, the planning for our Feast and Faire moves to the fast track!

6. Billy Warren reminded everyone that the Roundtable meets twice in September; therefore, the two meeting dates are:



7. (drum roll, please!) Billy Warren announced that the photographs taken by lady Janet (Renaissance magazine) at the 2011 Faire arrived by email yesterday (Wednesday,

August 14). He stated that he forwarded them to the committee of six who will be selecting the photographs to be used in the magazine:

a. Sue Bevis,

b. Carol Burhans,

c. Lee Freeman,

d. Darlene Freemon,

e. Don Green, and

f. Lori Woolfolk.

Billy also stated that Darlene Freemon has agreed to compose the captions for the photographs and the brief summary of the Faire’s history. In that capacity, she will serve as the contact between the committee and Lady Janet.

All agreed that a multi-page spread about the Alabama Renaissance Faire in this national publication will be invaluable publicity for the Faire, for the city of Florence and for the state of Alabama.

8. David Mitchell presented a copy of each of these books to add to the Roundtable’s collection:

a. Early Medieval Times

b. Late Medieval Europe

c. Renaissance Europe

David received a round of applause from everyone present for this generous gift.

9. Billy Warren distributed a three-page write-up about the Faire which was developed by Molly Belviso (the beggar lady) and David Mitchell. Everyone agreed that its format – a series of questions and answers – and its contents – are excellent. It will be posted on both our website and our Facebook page. Darlene Freemon suggested that a similar write-up be created for our Feast.

10. In a brief discussion about honoring credit and debit cards in the Information Booth, William Freeman suggested that we consider moving toward that system. It was noted that such purchases may now be made through a person’s iPhone. All agreed that this issue might be considered by the Board of Directors.

11. Aubrey Gaskins reminded everyone that it is time to consider whether we wish to continue the special feast at Stephano’s for Roundtable members and their guests at the usual cost of $20/person. Following a discussion, the Roundtable agreed with Aubrey that a decision will be made no later than our first meeting in October (Thursday, October 4).

12. In a discussion regarding the understood regulation that weapons must be peace-tied at the Faire, these suggestions were forthcoming:

a. Include a statement on the printed program that all weapons must be peace-tied.

b. Kindly but firmly remind anyone whose weapon might not be peace-tied to do so immediately.

c. Distribute ribbons at the Information Booth to anyone with weapons as a convenient reminder for peace-tying.

d. Ask all vendors who sell make-believe weapons to children to give each purchaser a ribbon to peace-tie – a great way to promote the practice of peace-tying at an early age.

13. Darlene Freemon announced that RENAISSANCE DAY at Florence High School will take place throughout the entire day on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24. She asked all Roundtable members to mark their calendar for the day and to attend in full costume for as much of the day as their schedule will permit.

14. Ann Iaria asked that a decision be made soon regarding the complimentary rooms that we might need at the Marriott Shoals. Everyone applauded Ann for this invaluable contribution to the Feast and Faire.

15. Billy Warren announced that His Highness King Matthew of Varble has accepted a position with a firm in Florida. Therefore, he and his new bride have moved there. Her Highness the Queen met with the Board at its recent meeting and stated that she and His Highness will return for both the Feast and the Faire. She also confirmed that the theme of this year’s Feast and Faire will focus on the Renaissance era in the Netherlands since His Highness is of Dutch descent.

16. In a drawing, both Jim Lake and Mrs. Christopher Crosslin won collections of postcards depicting ancient buildings and sites in Spain.

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