A leading company in Alabama when it comes to garden equipment, RD Motor Group takes most pride in their innovations in garden mowers. Their top-selling product remains to be the zero turn mowers. These mowers have a hydraulic wheel driving system and zero-turn steering that provides exact maneuvering. They rotate within their own access, so all grass is cut cleanly. They also deliver smooth rides. Ergonomic and precise in operation, there’s no doubt that RD Motor Group’s highly rated zero turn mowers are one of the best in the market.

Every year, RD Motor Group features their latest innovative feature on the zero turn mowers. Last year, they showed Zero Spray, which can be mounted on any of their mowers. The sprayer can be attached in front of the mower and turned on using an easy-to-access foot switch. It’s a convenient tool to control any of your spraying operation.

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